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The first step to better managing a chronic illness is having a General Practitioner (GP) who you have a good relationship with and that you are able to see regularly. A GP will support you through diagnosis, provide medical management of the disease and help you to develop a care plan to meet your health needs and goals. ICDC will partner with your GP to help you meet the goals set in your care plan, by providing care coordination and allied health services.

A GP Care Plan is a comprehensive written plan that describes your health problems and care needs. Most GPs will have a structured process in place to develop plans in partnership with clients and often delegate this task to their practice nurses.  Plans need to include your health needs and goals and the ways you can take action and receive treatment and support to meet them.

Care plans should be regularly reviewed particularly when you are first diagnosed and updated annually. This provides you with an opportunity to see how you are progressing towards meeting your health goals and make changes to ensure that you are getting the help you need, when you need it.